Decorative Garden Screens


CNC Router

GSN has one of the biggest CNC Routers in Perth, with a nesting bed size of 4.2mtrs x 2.2mtrs. We are able to cut timber, plastics, soft metals, ACM or ACP. We are now offering machining of compact laminate.

Poly Welding
With a certified welder on board, poly welding comes naturally. Being able to weld different types of plastic and ACM.
Decorative Screens
GSN industries are proud to be the specialists in making beautiful and attractive decorative screens. With the largest design range in Australia.
Custom Design
Apart from the design range we have, we can offer CAD drawing such as vector art to CAD/CAM, file alteration, file conversion and more. This includes CNC and laser machine manufacturing.
Laser Cutting
With a new Co2 laser cutting and engraving machine just arrived. We will be offering laser cutting and engraving shortly. We will update this soon.
If you need help with any aspect of our service, please dont hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help.

About us

Specialising in decorative screens, privacy screens, garden screens, LED light boxes and solar light screens. We are the cheapest in Australia and will beat any genuine written quote. Custom orders welcome! We manufacture all our own decorative garden screens to any shape or size. All screens can be made from ACM, MDF, marine ply, Aluminium or recycled plastics. Please contact us for any other CNC requirement you may have.