5 of the best room Divider ideas

//5 of the best room Divider ideas

5 of the best room Divider ideas

Room Dividers, What are they?


In general, a room divider is an oversized decorative screen. Also a piece of furniture placed in a way that divides a room into separate areas. Room dividers, used by homeowners, interior designers, and architects as a way to divide a room into separate distinct areas.


There are many different types of room dividers such as cubicle partitions, privacy dividers and solid screens, shoji screens, and false walls. Room dividers can be made from various materials, including wood, Aluminium, Acrylic, ACM / ACP and various plastics. Portable room dividers may have folded wall panels, and in most cases on caster wheels.


Houses will mainly use a room divider to divide the space more effectively. Also as a decorating focus point. There are many uses for a room divider including,


  • dividing the room with a sense of style
  • adding privacy to your home or office
  • hiding clutter or creating a false wall
  • redirecting people a certain way
  • creating a stylish indoor entrance
  • decorative background on a bare wall.




Most common room dividers used in homes are small dividers, sometimes called a folding shoji screen. Shoji screens are usually trifold walls. This makes it easy to assemble, disassemble and move. A shoji screen, therefore, being used for privacy screen in a bedroom. Also in a family room to make an office.


shoji room divider

Shoji divider.

Hotels, restaurants and function centers use two different types of room dividers. Commonly, you will see floor to ceiling dividers in hotels, office entrances, restaurants. These fixed room dividers, therefore, used to divide areas into smaller spaces. Also to give the illusion of more space in some circumstances. In areas where room dividers need more flexibility, home, school and outdoors a portable room divider would be a more sensible option.


portable room divider



In offices, dividers are typically solid, are not permanent or attached directly to the floor. Otherwise known as office cubicles, room partitions allow taking a large office space and breaking it into sectioned and more focused working areas.


office partiton

Office partition


Convention and venue buildings are large facilities with wide open floor spaces. Consequently, they often need to be broken down into smaller areas. The most common divider used in these areas can differ at times. This all depends on the type of event taking place. Decorative room dividers and also solid dividers are both used frequently. They can unsightly places such as power boxes and plugs. They are most frequently used in creating multiple subdivided rooms.


Please contact us if you have any more questions or would like custom made dividers.

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