Outdoor garden screening

//Outdoor garden screening

Outdoor garden screening

Blocks outdoor garden screening light box

The story of how we used our simple Blocks outdoor garden screening lightbox. making an already eye-catching area have a lot more attention.

Presented with this already good looking area, The question had been put forward. “How can you make it look better?” At first sight, we had lots of ideas and started to work back and forth with the customer. Plenty of design options and theory’s how it would work.

We both decided that something simple would make it seem like more. Hence the block pattern. Very simple, yet very effective.

The light box came into play when the next question arose. “It looks good during the day, but what about at night?” We suggested adding LED lights using our folded box design.

The result is in the photo. They continue to receive compliments to this day. They stay in touch as they love it so much and enjoy giving us the feedback. Click the view more button to see the rest of the work we have done, enjoy.

blocks outdoor garden screening lightbox

Another Great Example.

Utilizing the Bubble effect pattern in various parts of their house. Part 1 was a decorative garden screen that was not in the garden. In this case, stylish standoff panel mount is used to fix it to the interior wall, which gave it a 3D effect. Finished off in style with our in-house slim line framing.

Next was a modified version of the bubble screen. As part of it has been used as a light box on the front of a garden bed or pot plant, in other words. Lastly was a custom rolled/curved room divider privacy screen mad from solid Aluminium. Powder coated white and adds a stylish room wall partition so easily. The weight and curve of the screen make it very sturdy and mounting a breeze.


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