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//Decorative Screens Design Studio

Decorative Screens Design Studio

Decorative Screens Design Studio – Launch


You may have heard or seen us talking about the new Decorative garden screens Design Studio we are working on. If not, let me explain it. Design Studio is a new application we plan on letting our users and website visitors use before making a purchase. The design studio allows you to upload a photo of the area you plan on putting our screens. Once you have uploaded your photo, you can then choose different decorative screen designs and place them on your photo. This allows you to see what any decorative screen design looks like, in your own home or garden, before confirming the design you want.


The role out of our new application begins today. We will slowly be adding new designs and applying it to products in our store. You can easily find the design studio, have a look at the image below.


design from blank


The big blue button on products is how you will get to it, choose your size, colour and once in the design studio, there is an easy add to cart button.

To take it for a test drive, simply click here.


Design Studio Tutorial


Now let me show you the different features.


decorative screens design studio


  • 1 Upload – This is where you upload your photo of where you want the decorative screens to go.
  • 2 Select Product – In this section, you choose a design to place on your photo.
  • 3 Grid view – similar to CAD or Drawing paper.
  • 4 Clear all – Deletes everything in the design window.
  • 5 Delete – Removes the selected element.
  • 6 Duplicate – Duplicates the selected element.
  • 7  Send to back – Places the selected element behind all content.
  • 8  Bring to front – Places the selected element on top of everything.
  • 9  Flip Horizontally – Self-explanatory.
  • 10  Flip vertically – Self-explanatory.
  • 11  Center horizontally – Centers the selected element.
  • 12  Center vertically – Centers the selected element.
  • 13  Undo – Undo the last modification
  • 14  Redo – Restore the last modification


Below is a video of the design studio in use, give it a watch and then you are all set to start designing.

As always, if you have any questions, request or find any bugs (errors) in the design studio. Drop us a line and we are more than happy to help.


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