Decorative screens and GSN

//Decorative screens and GSN

Decorative screens and GSN

Decorative Screens


Decorative screens by GSN are proud to specialise in making beautiful and attractive decorative screens. Decorative screens are affordable to every potential buyer. We are flexible to any quote presented to us. GSN has a team of hard working designers who are full of unique talent. Responsible for custom making decorative screens according to our customers.


GSN has the largest range of decorative screen designs. Also with affordable prices whether your job is small or big. Our decorative screens come from strong and durable components. Such as aluminium, ACM, marine-ply or recycled plastics. Producing products of the highest quality to ensure we keep our promise to our customers.

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Garden Screens


Garden screens or Lightboxes made partly as a fence. There for improves the artistic appearance of the garden. Decorative screens make it look elegant. Bringing out the gardens feel of nature when they are strategically placed. GSN Industries are among the best custom manufacturers. Making decorative garden screens and light boxes are our passion. they are fashionable, attractive and stunning.


Decorative garden screens and light boxes are best made from ACM or aluminium. This is to ensure they are durable and can withstand prevalent weather conditions. Most factors that can destroy hardwood and corten panels. This not a problem for our durable ACM screens.


Design and artwork of garden screens, drawn by our most talented designers. Designers are aware of the current change. taking into account the advancement of the fashion trends and patterns. Which enables you, the customer in choosing the latest trend. relating to the environmental surrounding of your location.

Room Dividers and Privacy Screens


Proud to lead the way in manufacturing custom made products. Privacy panels and room dividers with affordable prices to all customers. Privacy screens and room dividers get placed strategically. There for partition of your home or building is simple. While your home or office have a stylish look. Hence creates a sense of modern architectural design. Our aim is to provide different designs of privacy panels and room dividers. Ranging from different materials, sizes, and styles that capture the eye. Our goal is to match it with your sense of style and personality.


Through the website, you will find sample pictures of our recent work. Submitted by our customers. All photos are in the gallery. If you like in any of the designs, we assure you of providing perfection as a result. On your request as a customer to us.

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