Design ideas 2017

//Design ideas 2017

Design ideas 2017

Design update

New design and products get us a tad excited, so GSN industries would like to wish everyone a safe and happy new year. With that being said what better time than to showcase our new decorative screen designs and ideas.

We have a lot planned for 2017 with a huge array of new products and decorative items for your home at a price we can all afford. Starting in 2017 we will start to launch our new wooden products, which will consist of sculptures, panels, and a few other stylish products for your home and garden.


Click here for a sneak peek


Also starting our own line of light towers and lamps, which can also be used indoors or out. We plan to give these a complete overhaul to make them strong enough to combat our windy winters. The palm, leaf, and fronds are just a few designs we have planned for the light towers and lamps. Made from ACM or ACP in plain English that stands for aluminium composite material or panel. ACM is so versatile. Used in various applications including facade, bulk head’s, decorative screens, towers, and lamps.


Laser Cutting – coming soon

Last but not least, coming soon we will be offering laser cutting and engraving. This opens up a huge new avenue to design and create some wonderful products. Also offering a great service to the public with the benefits a state of the art laser cutter can offer.


We look forward to keeping you updated during the year with updates and projects we have planned. As well as offering some great designer tips and DIYs. Also taking place will be an outdoor area upgrade from the ground up, we will keep you posted and explain in detail everything we do and how to do it yourself.

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