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//Garden Screening Ideas

Garden Screening Ideas

Garden Screening

Garden screening or outdoor screen panels, as some call it, are used to enhance the visual appeal of your garden or backyard.  Adding screens to a feature wall or a boundary fence drastically improves the surrounding. For a themed outdoor area, decorative screens really add the final touch and give it an authentic feeling that you’re aiming to achieve.

When it comes to mounting or fixing screens to an existing area, it may seem difficult. This is the most asked question “how do we mount/fix them to our fence?”. In reality, its very easy and doesn’t blow out your budget. We recommend using our aluminium box tube/square tube to achieve this. Using rapid set concrete, your screens can be up within 20 minutes. Simply dig a few holes to a suitable depth and pour in the rapid set concrete, add water and you’re done. Attaching the screen to the post before erecting it is another pro tip that will make your screen install a breeze.

Just to make things even easier, we can supply the screens already attached to the post. Have a look at the slideshow below for examples of fence and freestanding mounting.


Click here to view our complete gallery



Decorative Screens – Privacy Screening

Decorative screens or privacy screening is a great way to block out unwanted areas or obscure views from neighbors. Its wanted by so many now to be able to entertain guest and not worry about peering eyes. What better way to do so with a beautiful decorative screen. Part of the reason our screens are so popular is the fact they add a lot of privacy in a very trendy, satisfying way. Being able to create 100% complete block privacy screening, with our popular double up design. There are a few pictures below that show this in effect.


Browse all of our decorative screen designs here.




Lightboxes are a perfect way to showcase your screens during the day and make them come to life at night. Utilising a floating mounted effect, so no screws or mounts are visible. These look the best being hard-wired, so no cords are visible.

Any of our designs can be transformed into a lightbox. Also having the ability to choose different colored light or plastic backing plate. The colour options are almost endless, and any theme can be achieved. Some samples of lightboxes we have done are below.


Room Dividers

Room dividers are becoming ever more popular due to there stylish look and affordability. Depending on your situation, they can be solid fixed to internal walls or used as a tri-folding shoji screen.

The benefit of having a solid room divider is that it becomes part of the home, and is a great selling point if that’s the way you are heading. It allows you to stylishly section of an open span living area without having to have a big ugly brick wall in the way.

Another great idea is to put them near your front door to act as privacy for random door knockers, that we all get from time to time.

Another great example of a shoji folding screen is to use it as an art piece in your home. Even in the bedroom when you and your friends are over trying on new clothes.

Just to reiterate, Room dividers and shoji screens don’t always have to be cut right through, it is possible to create a %100 privacy screen from any of our designs by carving the design into the material.


Read more about room dividers here

For more details on any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to work with you and give you exactly what you want, Even if your design is sketched on paper.

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