Mounting your decorative screens

//Mounting your decorative screens

Mounting your decorative screens


GSN  offers a wide range of standoff mounts at wholesale prices. Therefore everyone can beautify their home and or garden with ease. Mounting is one of the most crucial parts to finishing off your decorative screens.  Creating shadow effects on nearby elements, also giving it a floating effect on your wall or fence.


Since standoff mounts are the only patented standoff system utilising 2 or 3 parts. Hence they can be used in a wide range of signage and display, graphic image and display and decorative screens applications.  You will find their unequalled functionality give much more options to achieve very creative solutions.




GSN offers an extensive range of Standoffs, sign mounts and display fittings because they need to suit a variety of applications.  Ideal for indoor or outdoor mounting of signs, architectural plaques, acrylic and glass panels, ACM decorative screens, etc. Their stylish look makes them ideal for the mounting of displays or signage in just about every office building or home.

Choose from our standard range of finishes which include satin silver, polished chrome, satin chrome, polished gold, satin gold.  There are many other colours. They come with protective vinyl washers and are available in a variety of sizes to suit almost any application.


Consequently not choosing the right standoff for your application is easy when dealing with GSN.


Click either image to purchase standoff mounts


standoff mounts

standoff mount


What you will find with Standoffs


– mounting panels on walls or other vertical or horizontal surfaces is easier, faster and safer when you use standoffs.

– their unequalled functionality gives you much more options to achieve very creative solutions.

– versatile standoffs are made from a range of materials, including the innovative and colourful Resin Ranges.

– Standoffs are high quality, unequalled functionality and competitive prices make them an excellent choice.


With 5 colour choices, whats not to love,

– Sain Silver

 – Chrome

 – Brushed polished Gold

 – Aluminium Blue

 – Black


In conclusion, you can see there is an option for everyone and why not finish off your beautiful decorative screens with stylish GSN’s easy to mount system


Watch the video below for a brief visual on installing and using standoff mounts in your home or office.






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